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7-Night Galapagos Cruise
Celebrity Cruises – Celebrity Xploration
9/5/2020 12:00:00 AM9/12/2020 12:00:00 AM
– Baltra, Ecuador
  • Isla Mosquera, Ecuador
  • Cerro Dragon, Isla Santa Cruz, Ecuador
  • Isla Rabida
  • Puerto Villamil, Isla Isabela, Ecuador
  • Wall of Tears, Isla Isabela, Ecuador
  • Post Office Bay, Isla Floreana, Ecuador
  • Cormorant Point, Isla Floreana, Ecuador
  • San Cristobal, Panama
  • Kicker Rock, Isla San Cristobal, Ecuador
  • Isla Lobos, Isla San Cristobal, Ecuador
  • Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz, Ecuador
  • Punta Suarez, Isla Espanola, Ecuador
  • Gardner Bay, Isla Espanola, Ecuador
  • Isla Daphne, Ecuador
– Baltra, Ecuador

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