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A Europe cruise can take you to the heart of history and culture, to momentous regions where civilizations once rose to glory, and to cities that define the cultural aesthetics for the rest of the world. How you choose to discover one of the most popular destinations in the world is up to you, but your Europe cruise can take you to the very best of this region's cities.

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A Europe cruise can extend from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea and from the Mediterranean to the Norwegian Fjords. A Europe cruise can take you to the Roman Coliseum and Spanish Steps, or on a private tour of Palace of Versailles. If your Europe cruise ports in Barcelona, making your way through the maze of this city's 2000 years of history is only the beginning of possibilities. Discover all of Gaudi's architectural master pieces or take a tour that follows the footsteps of Picasso. If your Europe cruise takes you to Venice, you can take in the sights and sounds of this Italian oasis on a gentle gondola ride down the famous Venice Lagoon. Some of the highlights may include the Hall of Magistratures, Saint Mark's Basilica, and Palazzo Franchetti.

Europe is rich with archeological discoveries that span the entire region, from the Roman Colossuem and the Parthenon to the Temple of Poseidon and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. Whether you want to visit London and must see Dover Castle, or you're visiting Cannes and can`t miss the Place du Casino, there is a Europe cruise for you! A Europe cruise can also take you to the rolling hills of Tuscany, to the breathtaking beauty of Vienna or to the famous Monte-Carlo Casino and Opera House.

If you're one to enjoy intimate ships and cultural authenticity, then our Europe river cruises are perfect for you as they can take you directly to the heart of charming squares, and bustling cities. A Europe river cruise can take you along the Douro River to Portugal, or along the Rhône River through Provence and Burgundy!

Europe is a land of breathtaking beauty, cultural charm, fine dining, and is a history enthusiasts dream! The hardest part will be choosing which Europe cruise itinerary best suits your dream vacation. A Europe cruise can offer everything from cultural authenticity, exquisite cuisine, world class shopping, boutique wine tasting, and the adventure of a life time. Plus, a Europe cruise can provide all the luxuries of a floating resort as you unpack once and explore exciting destinations such as France, England, Scotland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and more!

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