Value Comparison


So you’ve decided to go on vacation but can’t choose between a land vacation and a cruise vacation. Besides the many perks of a cruise vacation, one of the major advantages of cruising to the destination of your dreams is a more flexible budget and an overall lower cost for your vacation.

Here is a comparison chart of how a cruise vacation compares to a tradition hotel/resort experience:

Vacation Details Caribbean Resort Caribbean Cruise
(Including tax)
$1,833 pp $1,350 pp
Air & Transfers
$739 pp $575 pp
Food & Beverage
(Three meals daily, snacks, room service taxes, and gratuities)
Included Included
(Name entertainment and/or lavish variety productions)
$100 per person, per production Included (Broadway-style productions, name entertainment, variety acts, and much more)
Grand Total
(Per Person)
$381/day $275/day